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If even your favorite webseries seems boring due to slow Wi-Fi speed, change settings immediately, get superfast speed

New Delhi: Whether for office work, study work or to enjoy your favorite web series
You must have a WiFi router installed in your home. However, sometimes the router does not work properly and the speed of the internet slows down. If the internet is not working even when the Wi-Fi router is on, it is natural to get upset. Some even suffer from low download speeds. If you are facing the same problem, there is no need to take tension anymore. Today we are going to tell you such simple tips. With the help of which you can get Wi-Fi Connectivity connectivity, speed up and make it superfast.

Optimize with the app:

The company whose Wi-Fi router you have installed. Its App This is what you need to install. After that, when you go to the app, here you will also find the option of WiFi optimization. If you use this option your WiFi will work better and Internet Speed It will be very fast. After a few seconds of optimization, WiFi starts to work better.

Power off:

If WiFi does not provide good speed, turn off WiFi power. WiFi will work better after a few minutes when you turn it on again. This trick doesn’t always work. Because, this method is not so effective. But, when there are more problems, you can use it to overcome your problems.

Change location:

First check how far your device is from the room where you placed your WiFi router. Because, if you don’t always place WiFi router near your device, it can affect the speed. So that’s where you work. Place the router in or near the same room. This makes Fast Internet Speed ​​available.

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