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If Blue Tick is needed on Facebook profile, then following these easy steps will be done


To get the blue tick, the user has to fill a form.
Facebook evaluates a user’s account on a number of grounds.
The first thing you have to tell in the form is what are you verifying? page or profile.

People are very eager for blue tick on social media. By getting a blue badge on the profile, your account comes in the verified list, and looks like a real person. On Facebook, users also get a blue badge, which will be made right next to their name. This makes it clear that the account is not fake. Now the question is that if you also want a blue tick, then what will you have to do for it.

To determine if Facebook Pages and profiles are right for people and fit the FB verification criteria. For this, the company evaluates your account on several grounds. First of all, know that to get blue tick, the user has to fill a form.

Step 1: In the form you have to first tell what you are verifying? page or profile

Step 2: After this comes the first step to confirm the document. Here you can upload a soft copy of any of your docs by going to Choose File. It can be anything, be it DL, passport or any national ID.

Step 3: Now in the second step, you have to show that the celebrity, celebrity or brand that your page or profile shows is in public interest, and from here you have to select the category. There are many options in this – news / media, music, sports, entertainment etc. In this choose one according to you.

Step 4: After this select your country.

Step 5: Then you have to select Audience. Here tell about the people who follow your page or profile. Include information about who they are, what they’re interested in, and why they follow you.

Step 6: You have to add 5 articles, social media accounts and other links to show that your page or profile is in public interest. Paid or promotional content will not be valid here. Although Facebook says that this is an optional step.

Step 7: After all this step you have to tap on Send button. After this, if you will get a message that your account has been verified or not.

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