Tuesday, February 27, 2024

If Apple Pay is unavailable: a new function appeared in iOS 17.4

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iOS 17.4, which is currently available for beta-testers, includes significant changes for Apple Cash users.

Apple Cash users can now set up a virtual card number that can be used for purchases when Apple Pay online is not possible.

Apple Cash — is a prepaid debit card from Apple, which users could previously use only with Apple Pay, although the card number is not specified. Money on the Apple Cash card can also be sent to friends and relatives, transferred to the bank or credited to the balance of the Apple Card.

In iOS 17.4 Apple gives Apple Cash customers a new way to spend their balance, even if Apple Pay is unavailable. The new pop-up message in the application «Koshelek» reads:


Setting up the virtual card number. Ensure the security of your card data with a new security code for every transaction. Easily access this card number in Safari and use it for online purchases where Apple Pay is unavailable.


After you decide to set up your Apple Cash virtual card number, you will be able to view this card number, create new card numbers and security codes, and more. In fact, this is the same functionality that was available for the credit card Apple Card since its launch, but now for the debit card Apple Cash.

It is expected that iOS 17.4 will be released for all users in early March.

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