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If Android Smartphone is facing ‘these’ problems, don’t worry, follow the tips

New Delhi: How To Fix Smartphone Issue: Android smartphones are getting old. Various kinds of problems also appear in it. If the phone gets damaged after the warranty expires, the problem gets worse. Sometimes the problem is not very serious and big.But, due to not understanding the exact reason, the phone has to be taken to the mobile repair shop or service center. In this case, a huge bill is charged in the name of repairing the phone, which of course burdens the users. But, some problems you can fix at home. See details.

Hang up the phone to be:

There can be many reasons for a phone hang. But, if this happens first check for firmware update in your phone. If your smartphone has also received a new update of OS, UI or Android version, download it immediately and install it on the phone. All apps and software in the phone must be updated from time to time.

Battery Drain:

Often the battery drains even without use and the phone has to be charged again and again. In this case it is better to reboot using the battery. Background Apps are also the cause of quick battery drain, so check which apps are consuming the most battery and uninstall those apps.

App Download :

Google Play Store is used to download apps or games in Android smartphones. But, sometimes when want to download any app from play store, that app doesn’t install and many times play store doesn’t open at all. The main reason for this is lack of storage and for this go to phone settings and clear Google Play Store and Google Play Store cache memory.

Touch screen:

In Android smartphones, the screen is all about touch, and when the touch screen doesn’t work properly, the phone feels slow. But, sometimes the fault lies with the touch pad itself. So before taking the phone to a repair shop or service center try Google keyboard G board and if you are using this keyboard then clear its cache memory and restart the phone.

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