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If a social media influencer makes this mistake, he will have to spend the night in jail.

Online Gambling Platforms: Following increased scrutiny on social media, the government is now taking a firm stance against social media influencers. A warning has been issued by the government, cautioning influencers against promoting online betting and gambling platforms.

The government has been consistently adopting a stringent approach towards social media. Recently, there has been a crackdown on social media influencers as well. In fact, a recent government warning has been issued, stating that legal action will be taken against any social media influencer found endorsing online betting or gambling platforms. It is noteworthy that until now, online betting apps and gambling platforms have relied on online influencers for their promotion, prompting the government to take this strict measure.

This strict stance against social media influencers has been prompted by numerous complaints received by the government. In actuality, several online betting apps and gambling platforms operate within the country, utilizing social media influencers to attract individuals towards their platforms. Consequently, the government has now issued a stern warning directed at social media influencers.

This regulation was previously enacted.

The government had previously taken stringent measures against social media influencers when guidelines were issued mandating influencers to disclose their relationship with any brand they promote on social media. Additionally, they were required to disclose any monetary compensation, products, gifts, or discounts received from said brand. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in fines of up to Rs 50 lakh.

Online promotions have a detrimental impact on youth.

The advertisements of betting apps and online gambling platforms by influencers on social media adversely affect the youth. As a result, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued a warning against such social media influencers. The Ministry emphasized in its warning that such advertisements contribute to financial and socio-economic losses among the youth.

This action will be accompanied by account suspension.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has advised in its warning that any social media influencer engaging in such advertisements will face action under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. This may involve the removal or suspension of social media posts or accounts. Additionally, punitive measures can be enforced under existing laws.


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