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“I can’t imagine someone walking around with a screen tied to their face all day.” Elon Musk made fun of the metaverse

Elon Musk is tech savvy. However, not all technology is to the billionaire’s liking. For example, the head of Tesla is very skeptical about the metaverse. At least in their current form. This follows from an interview that the billionaire gave on Tuesday to the resource The Babylon Bee.

“I don’t know if I’ll buy [когда-нибудь] to this metaverse. Although people talk a lot about it Web 3»– Musk said at the beginning of the interview. He categorically dislikes the idea that people should be in virtual reality helmets for a long time (almost all the time), otherwise they cannot get into the metaverse. The billionaire scoffed at the suggestion that users would willingly wear virtual reality headsets throughout the day just to wander the futuristic virtual landscape. “Of course you can put a TV on your nose”He said, mocking the idea. And he added: “It’s inconvenient to keep this thing tied to your head all the time.”.

“You can play a video game on your console, you can play a first-person game and move quickly without getting seasick.”, – he said. – “But if you try to do it with virtual reality glasses, you will definitely get seasick.”.

And at the end, Musk summed up his opinion of the metaverse: “I think we are far from disappearing into the metaverse. [Сейчас] it seems like just a buzzword “.

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