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Hyundai sub-brand showed a luxury SUV concept

Hyundai’s Genesis brand unveiled several concept car models ahead of the New York International Auto Show, showcasing a total of five cars. Among them were the GV80 Coupe, GV80 Magma Special, X Gran Berlinetta, GV60 Magma Concept, the first electric car in the Magma line, and the three-row Genesis Neoluna SUV.

Firstly, the company introduced the GV60 Magma. While the automaker did not disclose all technical details, from the photographs, the car appears to have a wide stance and massive fenders. It features 21-inch wheels with built-in aerodynamic discs and slots in the wings to cool the brakes. The body’s roof incorporates aerodynamic fins and a rear wing with curved structures.

The Genesis Neoluna marks the brand’s first full-size three-row SUV. Its interior boasts retractable screens, swivel front seats, and a wooden floor underneath. For premium sound quality, a speaker system installed in the front of the Neoluna was utilized.

Additionally, the company unveiled the first full-size Genesis SUV concept. The Magma and Neoluna concepts are set to debut at the New York International Auto Show between March 29 and April 7.


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