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Hyundai India will pay Rs 1.25 lakh to the customer, the reason is very serious

Hyundai will give Rs 1.25 lakh as damages to one of its customers in India. This decision has been given by the Gujarat State Consumer Redressal Commission. Media reports say that the auto giant has been fined for not opening the car’s airbag during the accident. Let us tell you that airbags are now mandatory in the car in India. Airbags are meant for the safety of the driver and passengers, which are opened at the time of an accident.

TOI’s accordingThe Gujarat State Consumer Redressal Commission ordered Hyundai to pay Rs 1.25 lakh to a car owner because his car’s airbags did not open even after overturning. The consumer court considered this to be deficiency in service and asked Hyundai India Ltd to pay Rs 1 lakh as compensation and Rs 25,000 for harassment.

The publication states that the case is from Gujarat, where Abhaykumar Jain, a resident of Sabarmati, had bought a hatchback car in 2010. In July 2011, as the car was being driven towards Zundal, it hit a rock and overturned, but the airbags did not open. Four people including the driver were in the car. He did not suffer serious injuries, but the car was badly damaged. Jain took an insurance of Rs 2.75 lakh and kept the wreckage with him.

Jain sued the dealer and the car manufacturer in the Ahmedabad District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. The report states that the carmaker was absent, but the dealer pointed out that the opinion of a surveyor and not an expert engineer that the airbag did not open due to a defect during manufacturing. It was also argued that there could be several reasons for the failure of the airbags, including the failure of seatbelts at the time of the accident.

The district commission had ordered Rs 2 lakh as compensation and Rs 50,000 for legal expenses, but the state commission halved the amount.

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