Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hyundai has a strategy, and the company sticks to it: the manufacturer is not worried about declining sales of electric vehicles, so it plans even more innovations.

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Hyundai is not worried about the decline in demand for electric vehicles, the company continues to move towards achieving its ambitious goals on electrification.

According to senior vice president of production planning and mobility strategy Hyundai Motor North America Olabisi Boyle, the Korean brand is not worried about sales fluctuations and understands the importance of electrification.

Boyle said that «the best companies will recognize that they need to remain focused on what is the no-brainer future of electrification in the near term. We have exceptional opportunities to be leaders.

Hyundai currently sells 10 electrified cars in the US, including three BEVs, four hybrids, two plug-in hybrids and one fuel cell car. The company’s two most innovative electric vehicles, the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, cost just under $43,000 and are currently offered at a discount of $7,500.

“We see a gap between short-term anxiety and a long-term electrified future,” said Boyle. — We have a strategy, which must be holistic».

Additionally, Hyundai Motor Group introduced technology Active Air Skirt (AAS)which serves to increase the running stock.

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