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Hyundai Controversy: Indian anger on Kashmir issue is not stopping, Boycott Hyundai trending on Twitter despite company’s statement

New Delhi.
Hyundai Kashmir Controversy: The anger of Indians on the controversial post of Pakistan Hyundai on Kashmir is not taking the name of calming down. An official statement has also been issued by Hyundai India on this issue. But, instead of reducing the anger of Indian users, it has increased even more. That’s why on Twitter Boycott Hyundai Continually trending.

What is the whole matter?

A very objectionable post was made by the Pakistan unit of the South Korean company. Pakistan Hyundai tweeted on its official Twitter handle, “Let us remember the sacrifices of our Kashmiri brothers and stand in support of them as they continue the struggle for freedom.”

Not only this, a controversial post was also posted on Facebook by Pakistan Hyundai, on which there was strong opposition from the people of Indian and Indian origin. Seeing the increasing pressure, Pakistan Hyundai has deleted these posts from its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What did Hyundai India clarify?

Amidst the ongoing protests in India over the controversial post made regarding the Kashmir issue, Hyundai India has issued an official statement on its Twitter account. The statement on behalf of the company said that it has been doing business in India for the last 25 years and wholeheartedly respects the spirit of nationalism. The company further said in the statement that the post on social media linking Hyundai Motor India is against our commitment towards this great country. India is the second home for the Hyundai brand and we have a zero tolerance policy against any sensitive communication. We will continue to strive for the betterment of this country and its people.

Why is the anger of Indians increasing after the statement?

The anger of Indian users has increased after the statement issued by Hyundai India on the Kashmir issue. People say that the company has not apologized on this issue, which is most needed.

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