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Husband buried the woman alive, Apple Watch saved her life like this

Apple Watch has come in the headlines many times for saving people’s lives. You will find many such stories on the internet, where this smartwatch has saved people’s lives in some way or the other. A latest incident has come out from Washington, USA, which can give you goosebumps. Here a 42-year-old woman was buried alive by her husband, but her life was saved due to the Apple Watch worn on her wrist.

of Daily Mail accordingIn Washington, USA, a woman named Young Sook was buried alive in a deserted place in the woods after her husband stabbed her and tied her hands and feet. But even after all this, the woman’s life was saved. In fact, Sook was going through a divorce case with her husband Chae Kyong, but the criminal used Sook’s house to do his laundry. One day Sook and Kyong had an argument over tarak and money.

Reports suggest that after this, Sook asked her husband to leave the house, after which her husband attacked her from behind in Sook’s bedroom. It is said that Sook was hit several times on the head. Next, Kyong tied Sook’s hands and feet with duct tape. However, during this time Souk Apple Watch Contacted 911 (emergency service) and also sent an alert to my 20 year old daughter and best friend.

When Kyong found out, he Apple Watch broke it with a hammer. After this, he took Sook in a van in an injured condition and took him to the forest. There he stabbed Sook and dug a pit and buried him alive in it. When Sook regained consciousness, she dug back the pit and came out. After coming out, she ran a long way and went to the nearby houses to ask for help.

The operator who received the call on 911 told the police that the caller was very nervous and could not even speak. After tracing the number, the police reached the souk’s house, but they did not see the souk there. After a long search, Sook was found on 17 October at a stranger’s house, where she was waiting for help. Of course, there was a reason behind Sook’s bravery as well as saving his life. Apple Watch Contribution is also.

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