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Humans vs Machines: Innovation or Art made from AI… Who will get the copyright?

Kris Kashtanova scans her own pictures in an AI program. Then refine them with text. They believe that due to the introduction of original artwork, the human element exists to make AI art copyrightable.
Last year, Kris Kashtanova introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Gave the program instructions for a graphic novel. An 18 page story from this Zarya has become The interesting thing is that he has also got the copyright for this artwork. However, his happiness did not last long as the US Copyright Office reversed its decision in February. Kashtanova became the first person in America who did not get the protection of AI Art. That means Kashtanova has lost the rights she got on the 18 page story.

The copyright office says that Zarya’s pictures are not human creativity. However, they will retain the copyright of the arrangement and storyline of the story. Kris Kashtanova has not given up and hired a high-powered legal team. According to Reuters report, Kashtanova wants to test this law once again.

Human creativity is necessary for copyright

Kashtanova is using another AI program Stable Diffusion to write a new book. She scans her own pictures from this and refines them through text. Artist believes that by starting original work of art, they will have enough human element to show to the authorities, so that they get copyright.

AI converted the sketch made by Kris Kashtanova into such a picture. (Credit: Kris Kashtanova/Handout via Reuters)

The Growing Challenge of AI

He further said that if this too is not eligible for copyright, then it would be very strange. The discussion between man and machine has been going on for a long time. Today, when AI programs like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Stability AI are progressing fast with human-like abilities, then the debate starts again. In the coming times, the situation may become even more challenging.

Who will get the copyright?

It will be a big question for the Copyright Authority as to who should be given copyright rights for art or innovation made from AI. Should it be given to the user or to the owners of the AI ​​program or to no one else. Many original artists and companies have demanded not to give copyright to AI owners or AI users.

They believe that the AI ​​program generates new things only through the content available on the Internet. Therefore, their copyrighted content is directly infringed upon. Stock photo provider Getty Images has also filed a case against several AI programs for copyright infringement.


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