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Humanoid robot Figure 01 tested in warehouse work [VIDEO]

Startup Fugire AI has shown progress in the development of humanoid robots Figure 01. Androids can self-learn and perform simple mechanical actions like dragging boxes. The development can be an ideal solution for performing tasks in warehouses, factories and other commercial enterprises.  

The company is now training its robots to perform new tasks using simulation algorithms. It is claimed that humanoids are able to “calculate” the probability of success and failure when performing tasks, as well as predict the most promising execution scenario in real time if something goes wrong.

A new video shows a robot in a makeshift warehouse independently moving boxes from one place to another. In past demos, Figure 01 made coffee using an espresso machine. The key goal of the project’s authors is to enable organizations to reduce labor costs. Now the startup, along with its competitors, is testing its developments in real working conditions. In the future, Fugire AI intends to expand the functionality of robots and teach them to perform a wider range of tasks. In addition, Figure 01 can be trained in a group.

In the future, Figure 01 could be endowed with physical and intellectual abilities to take over the manual labor currently performed by humans. The use of such robots frees employers from potential costs associated with hired work, such as vacations, work-related injuries, time off, disputes, unionization and other legal complexities.

Figure AI managed to attract a huge amount of funding. The startup has already received about $675 million, and OpenAI and Microsoft are among the investors. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, NVIDIA and a number of other companies also announced their desire to invest in the project.


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