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Human Brain Scientist Explains How To Become An Optimist

Newberg’s opinion is based on the experience of brain research and the study of how it works. According to the specialist, you need to be able to focus on positive words. This is not an abstract “inner voice”, but a specific practice, auto-training, which helps to activate the frontal lobes, which are connected with the motor cortex, which is responsible for human actions.

But simply focusing on the positive is not enough, all the more, to enjoy everything for no reason is dangerous for the psyche. To truly become an optimist, you need to change your thinking pattern – moving from thinking about consequences to thinking about values.

This is the ability to see the perspective in everything, play with problem situations and find non-obvious solutions. Such thinking is not given immediately, sometimes it is necessary to make a lot of efforts to achieve a result.

“With positive and optimistic words in mind, you stimulate the activity of the frontal lobes. This area includes special language centers that are directly related to the motor cortex, which is responsible for your actions. Our research has shown that the longer you focus on positive words, the more you will begin to influence other areas of the brain, ”emphasize Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman.

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