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Huge sales took place here on the occasion of Republic Day, broke last year’s record


On the occasion of Republic Day, markets across the country are colored with tricolors. People have done a lot of shopping online and offline. Due to which the purchase record has gone beyond last year. The sales on Republic Day 2024 have been higher as compared to the sales in the year 2023. Unicommerce revealed that the value of its e-commerce order items increased by 18.7 percent during the Republic Day sale in 2024 compared to last year’s sales. Let us tell you, the company analyzed the order items processed through its platform during the nine days of Republic Day Sale (January 13 to 21).

got benefit from them

The Unicommerce report said the growth in e-commerce during the Republic Day sales was supported by exciting offers and nationwide marketing campaigns made by leading marketplaces. This has helped the markets register year-on-year (YoY) order item growth of 28.7 percent during this period. Brand websites, on the other hand, recorded a slow growth of 1.7 percent year-on-year, while average order value continued to show strong growth.

Increase in cash on delivery also

Consumer awareness towards e-commerce was evident in a 20.6 percent increase in prepaid orders, with cash-on-delivery (COD) orders increasing by 16.2 percent during the sale period. After a strong performance in the last quarter of this calendar year, Republic Day sales marked a strong start to the new year for the growing e-commerce industry.

Flags and T-shirts being sold online

On the occasion of Republic Day, people enthusiastically buy T-shirts with tricolor print. In such a situation, these things are purchased extensively both online and offline. It is available for purchase and instant delivery online from BlinkIt to Swiggy Instmart, Amazon, Flipkart and Zepto.



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