Friday, February 23, 2024

Huawei will release its device Vision Pro. It will be almost twice cheaper than Apple Vision Pro and almost twice lighter

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Li Nan, former marketing director of Meizu and founder of Numiao Technology, reported on the website Weibo that the company Huawei is working on a new helmet of augmented reality, which will be called Vision Pro (Huawei patented this name in China back in 2019 ).

In Apple Vision Pro the eye sight display function is implemented, but in Huawei Vision Pro it will not be there. Image:Apple

Lee has revealed the price and characteristics of the future novelty Huawei. According to him, the price of the helmet will be Rs 15 thousand. Yuan – this is a little more than 2 thousand. dollars at the current rate. That is, Huawei Vision Pro will be almost twice cheaper than Apple Vision Pro. However, there are rumors that Apple is preparing a more affordable version of its helmet.

Huawei Vision Pro will receive screens Micro OLED 4K from Sony (not excluding, the same ones that are used in Apple Vision Pro) and system management based on gestures «Practically without delays based on chips of own development, Huawei Vision Pro will not have EyeSight display function, as Apple Vision Pro has, so the weight of the helmet will be almost twice less – only 350 grams.

Li Nan did not say when Huawei Vision Pro will be released, but he indicated that Sony will be ready to ship the screens in six years. In other words, Huawei Vision Pro will appear at best only by the autumn of this year.

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