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Huawei Smart Screen V5 85 inch launched, know price and features

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Huawei has recently introduced its new smart TV Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch. The new big-screen TV supports gesture controls, making it work like a big phone screen. Smart screen comes with many great features. It runs on HarmonyOS 4. Here we are telling you in detail about the features and price of Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch.

Price of Huawei Smart Screen V5 85

Talking about the price, the starting price of Huawei Smart Screen V5 85 in the Chinese market is 17,999 yuan (Approximately Rs 2,09,821).

Features and specifications of Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch

Huawei Smart Screen V5 features Honghu 900 chip with 4T NPU computing power. It supports 1080p to 4K in seconds. The chip can perform in-depth analysis of each frame. It also provides noise reduction. Huawei Smart Screen V5 is best for TV and sports events, because it supports self-developed intelligent dynamic picture compensation algorithm. The algorithm is fast and smooth and supports up to 4K 120fps compression.

The screen also uses Honghu Clear Light Control Pro technology to adjust the backlight. It provides scene analysis and subject recognition technology to adjust every detail in the picture. The picture output is three-dimensional and transparent thanks to SuperMiniLED Intelligent Dynamic Light Control for real-time pixel-level object recognition.

New Huawei Smart Screen V5 85 inches offers automatic brightness adjustment and natural color display in low blue light. This ensures the safety of the eyes of the audience watching the screen. This Honghu Qiguang Brilliant Master Edition also supports display technology. The large screen is equipped with anti-glare technology. The new screen supports Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control, which is claimed to be the world’s first full pointing interaction. This allows the screen to be operated as a large screen phone. Through this, mobile applications can be used on the gadget.

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