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Huawei promised to solve one of the main problems of electric cars

One of the important advantages of ICE cars over electric cars is the refueling time. Even with the fast charge function, it takes 20 to 40 minutes for the latter to continue on their way with a “full tank”. But soon the situation may change – with the help of the development of HUAWEI, designed to equalize the performance of different types of transport.


Wang Chao, Senior Executive Director of HUAWEI, spoke about the possibilities of the new technology during the National Chinese Electric Vehicle 100 conference. According to him, in the next few years, the company intends to introduce a proprietary solution for charging electric cars with a voltage of 1000 volts. It will allow the owner of a car based on the HUAWEI DriveOne platform to drive 200 kilometers after just 5 minutes of “refueling”.

For comparison, the basic version of the technology implies the same range with twice the recharging time. It is expected that the company’s technology will be embodied in the form of finished products in 2025. Earlier, one of the top managers of HUAWEI said that this year the company intends to invest about a billion US dollars in the automotive industry.

The list of electric cars that will be the first to receive support for the new technology has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer.

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