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Huawei cracks down on sellers of fake earphones, court orders 4.81 crore compensation

Fake products are becoming a cause of trouble for technology companies, as they affect both brand reputation and profits, resulting in huge losses for the companies. Recently, Huawei took action against those selling fake earphone products in its name. In this case the authorities arrested the individuals involved. Apart from this, Huawei took legal action to protect its rights and demanded compensation.

Huawei filed a case

Huawei has recently taken legal action for breaking sales rights and copyright rules by filing a case against the seller of fake earphones. Seller Zhang Moumou was accused of selling fake earphones bearing the Huawei brand name. According to the court, Zhang Moumou used the Huawei brand name at several places in product listings for earphones that were not actually made by Huawei. It is clear from the evidence that about 3,30,000 fake Huawei earphones worth about 4.06 million yuan i.e. Rs 4,81,88,546 were sold.

The court ruled that on the product HUAWEI Using a brand name violates trademark law. While Zhang Moumou was ordered to pay 4,03,000 yuan compensation for the economic loss. The court has also pointed out that the use of the Huawei brand name on the product through the link included in the case violates trademark laws and Huawei has a right to the trademark.

In this case, action has been taken against those who made profit by using someone’s name. Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Huawei has taken action against fake earphones being sold under its brand. In May this year, the company sued a website for selling fake Huawei earphones and received 1 million yuan in compensation.

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In April, a digital store also had to pay 150,000 yuan for selling earphones under the Huawei brand. Huawei pays great attention to the security of its product name and the quality of its products. In such a situation, if any company violates the rights, then legal action is taken against it.


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