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How Xiaomi 12 became the flagship compact phone, the company showed by opening the back cover

Xiaomi has released a video related to its compact flagship smartphone ‘Xiaomi 12’. In this video, the latest and great technology given in the phone has been shown by removing the back cover of the Xiaomi 12 smartphone. In the video, even though each part of the phone has been easily removed and showcased, but in reality, separating the parts of the mobile is a hard and challenging task. As soon as the video starts, a glimpse of the smartphone is first seen. After that the back cover is removed. The first thing you notice once the back cover is removed is the circular wireless charging coil, which sits atop the phone’s 4,500mAh battery. This coil can fill the battery with a charging speed of 50W. There are many components fitted in the phone so that the device does not get hot during charging.

gizmochina’s according toIn the video, some other parts of the phone are opened. After this the cameras and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor are also shown. Xiaomi 12 It has a primary camera of 50MP resolution, which has been supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The video shows how the phone’s 32MP selfie camera can be easily removed without tampering with the display.

The most interesting part of this video is the cooling system technology given in the phone. Xiaomi has shown how it has packed the cooling system into the smartphone. Another feature of the phone is that in Xiaomi 12, the company has installed a very small and high-density 5G motherboard. Inta small motherboard company has not fitted any Xiaomi device till date. However, this feature has not been highlighted in the video.

In addition, the Xiaomi 12 packs a new generation Lithium Cobalt Oxide battery. This has increased the cost of the phone by 14%. This is the highest density fast charge cell in the history of Xiaomi. Xiaomi 12 is currently only available in China. Its price is 3,699 Yuan. The company has not yet made any announcement regarding the global launch of the smartphone. it in china Xiaomi 12 Pro And was launched with Xiaomi 12X.

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