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How was the year 2023 for Mukesh Ambani, these stocks made huge profits

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The year 2023 is about to end. In such a situation, this year has proved to be good for some and bad for others. This year has been very good in many things including the country’s economy. The businessmen of the country have also benefited a lot from this. When names of businessmen are mentioned, Mukesh Ambani’s name comes first. How was 2023 for Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in the country and Asia? Let us know whether he earned money or lost his money…

If seen, the year 2023 is proving to be great for Mukesh Ambani in some respects. Many of his shares have performed well so far this year. This year, not only has he returned to the first place in the list of the rich of India and Asia, but his wealth has also increased rapidly. This year, the prices of 10 of its 11 listed shares have increased.

Mukesh Ambani has expanded his business in many sectors in the last few years. For this he has taken over many companies. These include Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited, Alok Industries and TV18 Network. Their shares have given tremendous returns since the beginning of 2023. Now let us tell which companies of Reliance have made people earn a lot this year.

There was a rise in these stocks

  1. The best performance has been that of Alok Industries, whose share price has gone up by 68 percent since January 2023. Mukesh Ambani’s media company Network 18 Media and Investments has given a return of 58 percent so far in 2023.
  2. During this period, DEN Networks has shown a growth of 57 percent and Hathway Cable & Datacom has shown a growth of 36 percent. Whereas Hathbe Bhavani Cabletel and Datacom has seen a growth of 30 percent.
  3. Sterling & Wilson Renewables has given a return of 26 percent so far in 2023, while the stock of Reliance Industrial Infrastructure has gained 24 percent during this period.
  4. If you may not know then just know that Just Dial is also Mukesh Ambani’s company and this share has gone up by 23 percent in 2023.
  5. During this period, TV18 Broadcast has shown a growth of 21 percent and flagship company Reliance Industries has shown a growth of 5 percent. The only stock in decline is new entrant Jio Financial Services, which is down about 5 percent.

earning company

Shares of Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited have given a return of 13.07 percent to investors in 2023. At the beginning of this year, the share of this company was worth Rs 17.06. The shares of this company closed at 19.65 on Friday. This company works to provide cable TV and internet to homes.

Similarly, shares of another Reliance Group company, Alok Industries, have given a return of 28.25 percent to investors in 2023 alone. When the market opened on January 2, this share was at Rs 15.75, now it has reached the price of Rs 20.30 per share. This company works in the textile segment.

Reliance Group’s media company TV18 Broadcast Limited has given the highest returns to investors. At the beginning of 2023, the share of this company was at the price of Rs 37.70. Now it has closed at Rs 49.25. In this way, this company has given a return of 48.41 percent in 2023.

Ambani at number one among the rich

In this Hurun India Rich List 2023, jointly released by Hurun India and 360 One Wealth, along with the top billionaires, new faces who have joined the Billionaires list this year are also mentioned. Mukesh Ambani family will earn Rs 8,08,700 crore this year. Is at first place with total net worth of more than Rs.


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