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How was the Moon formed? A supercomputer has found the answer! you also know

A new study has estimated that the Moon may have formed not in thousands of millions of years, but immediately after a catastrophic collision. The hypothesis, based on a high-resolution supercomputer simulation, suggests that the formation of the Moon may not have been a slow and gradual process. The Moon must have formed within a few hours. The scientists’ findings have been published in ‘The Astrophysical Journal Letters’. Astronomers have been thinking since the 1970s that the Moon may have been formed by a collision between Earth and a protoplanet called Theia. However, astronomers have so far assumed that the collision between Earth and Theia would have created a vast region of debris that would have formed the Moon over thousands of years. But the new study says something else.

Jacob Kageris, a computational cosmologist at Durham University in England, told Live Science Told That it is very difficult to estimate how much resolution is needed to simulate such a collision. You will have to test until the difference in the result does not stop by increasing the resolution.

During the study, the scientists turned to a computer program called SPH with Inter-dependent Fine-Grade Tasking (Swift). A supercomputer was used to run this program. During this time, high-resolution simulations suggested to researchers that the Moon formed within a few hours after the collision of Earth and Theia from fragments from the Earth and broken pieces of Theia. The computer model has its place, but in reality, how and in how much time the moon formed, it can be known by digging there. NASA’s upcoming missions can gather important information in this direction.

The first clues about the formation of the Moon were found in July 1969 after the return of the Apollo 11 mission. Through this mission, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin brought 21.6 kg samples from the Moon. These samples were about 4.5 billion years old. At the same time, some other evidence also suggests that this largest natural satellite of the Earth, was born from a violent collision between Earth and a planet. However, how this cosmic collision might have happened is a matter of debate.
The traditional hypothesis suggests that as Theia and Earth collided, Theia broke into millions of pieces. It turned into floating debris. The broken up remnants of Theia slowly coalesced into a disk with some vaporized rocks and gas from our planet’s mantle. Around this the molten region of the Moon formed, which cooled down drastically over millions of years. However, questions have been raised on this theory. It is asked that if the Moon is composed mostly of Theia, why are so many of its rocks similar to Earth’s. At the same time, many scientists believe that Earth’s vaporized rocks are more involved in the formation of the Moon than in Theia. However, this idea also raises many questions. However, new studies have intensified these debates and questions, which say that the Moon may have formed within a few hours.

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