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How to watch live cricket matches on Hotstar for free

How to watch live cricket matches on Hotstar for free? : Nowadays everyone prefers to use mobile phone instead of television, and mobile phone has replaced television. All those things that people used to see on television, now everything is visible in a mobile.

Mobile is such a facility on which every program can be easily viewed. The more mobile is the craze in our country, the more people are fond of cricket. Nowadays people watch Online Live IPL Matches, IPL matches and World Cup matches on mobile itself. In this article, we are providing information on this topic. In today’s article we will show you how to watch live cricket matches on Hotstar for free? 

How to watch live cricket matches on Hotstar for free? ,

Hotstar is a medium with the help of which you can watch cricket matches or any program, web series, cartoon etc. on your mobile phone. In this you also get to see live cricket tournaments. There will be hardly anyone in the whole world who does not know what Hotstar is, almost everyone uses this application.

But if you want to watch cricket match in it, then you have to subscribe to it, for which you have to pay some money How can I see First of all, let us tell you about this website Hotstar that it is an app in which you can watch programs in total in eight types of different languages. The number of channels published in it is more than 36.

This application can also be used in Android phone and can also be used in iOS phone. It has been estimated that Hotstar, in which you can watch everything for free, has been downloaded more than 500 million times from the Google Play Store and is still increasing day by day.

Whenever any cricket tournament is organized in our country, the demand of hotstar increases a lot because hotstar app is an app which has copyright to show live cricket match. So when IPL tournaments start in India almost every person try to download this app in their phone. If you want to download Hotspot for free then you can easily download it on your device through playstore.

How to download Hotstar in phone?

There are some steps to download the application which are given below:

  • In the first step, you have to enter Google Play Store and search for Hotstar in its search bar, then a download icon comes at the bottom from which you have to select.
  • After this you have to download this application, then the option named Install will appear, from which you will get this application installed. And this process is absolutely free, once your app is installed you can use this feature.
  • In this way, you can enjoy live cricket matches, different movies, news channels, TV channels etc. for free with the help of hotstar app.
  • But Hotstar has a rule that you get to watch only a few programs for free if you want to use this application fully, you have to subscribe to it.

If you want to watch channels after being subscribed by Hotstar without paying, then you have to use some methods, but all these methods are illegal, and these methods can also have many side effects such as hacking your phone. Chances of this happening increase and important data of your phone can be stolen.

How to watch matches on Hotstar for free? 

Following are some steps given in this article, by following which you can take subscription of Hotstar Premium for free but if you are doing this work then do it very carefully because as given above there are many side effects of the method .

  • To subscribe to Hotstar Premium for free, you must first search by typing premium Hotstar apk in the Google search bar.
  • After all this, you will see many websites on your mobile screen, you have to select any one of them and click on it and download the APK given in it.
  • In this way free Hotstar Premium will come in your phone, with the help of which you can watch IPL 2022 live for free.

Apart from this method, there are many mediums through which you can watch live IPL matches for free, such as Thop TV, an application that you can download and watch matches comfortably. Keep in mind that this application is not available on the Play Store, you have to download it from its official website. And in this method, you will not need to spend any money, along with which you will have to use the applications carefully because such mediums are not completely secure.

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