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How to Use GPT 4o: A Guide to Using GPT 4o by OpenAI Easy-to-Use AI Assistant for Daily Tasks

How to Use GPT 4o: After ChatGPT, Sora, and other AI tools, OpenAI has now launched GPT 4o. This is the company’s new AI model, which is very easy to use. With this, the interaction between machine and human will be very smooth. You do not need any separate app to use it. Let’s explore the special features of this AI app.

OpenAI has launched its new voice model tool, GPT 4o, in its recent event. With this tool, you can perform various tasks seamlessly, without the need for a separate app. If you are already using the ChatGPT app, accessing GPT 4o is straightforward.

To access GPT 4o, simply navigate to the ChatGPT app. Besides chatting, you’ll notice a headphone icon. Click on this icon to set up GPT 4o, where you’ll find various voice options to choose from.

How can you use this tool?

This means you can customize the voice of this AI tool according to your preference. Firstly, select a model, then grant the necessary permissions to the app, and you’re ready to use it. Unlike other platforms like Ok Google and Alexa, you don’t need specific wake words to activate the app.

You can directly ask questions to this chatbot. The great thing is that it responds equally well in English and Hindi. Additionally, you can use this platform in many regional languages.

Is there some new experience?

Using GPT 4o, you won’t feel like you’re conversing with an AI bot. The company’s objective aligns with this experience; you can interact with it and seek assistance in various tasks.

While it may not play songs like Alexa, it can suggest a list of songs based on your preferences. You can utilize this feature to curate a playlist according to your mood.

Furthermore, this tool can assist you in solving math problems and provide recipe information. Although it works well in real-time, it doesn’t offer real-time information yet. We are currently exploring its capabilities.


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