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How to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Account

Amazon Pay Balance: amazon A few years ago announced its payment wallet named Amazon Pay. Since its launch, it has become a great payment option for making all kinds of payments. With Pay Balance, you can book movies, pay bills and buy anything from Amazon. However, few people know that you can easily withdraw the pay balance as well. You can also transfer money easily. Note that you need to complete KYC to transfer funds. If you have already completed your KYC, then follow the steps given below.

Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Account

Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your smartphone.
Step 2: Tap on Amazon Pay option which will be mostly on the homepage. If you don’t see the option, tap the hamburger icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap Amazon Pay.
Step 3: Once you have followed all the steps, you will be in the Amazon Pay section. Now to transfer to your bank account, tap on Send Money.
Step 4: Select the bank to which you want to send the balance money.
Step 5: Enter mobile number and bank details by sending an SMS.
Step 6: Tap on To Bank.
Step 7: Enter IFSC Code, Account Number and Account Holder Name.
Step 8: Press the Pay Now button.
9: Now, you will see all the options to make payment, tap on Tap on Show more, then select Amazon Pay balance as wallet for payment.
10: Tap on Tap on Continue.

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