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How to Take care of your smartphone in winter, otherwise your mobile phone may get sick

Mobile Phone use in Winter: It is getting cold all over North India including Delhi-NCR. A sheet of white snow is spread over the mountains of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. We are taking all kinds of measures to avoid winter. Keep yourself covered in warm clothes. By heating it in front of a heater or bonfire, measures are taken to remove the cold.

We protect ourselves from cold, but we do not think anything about our companion mobile phone day and night. It is not that cold affects only humans or animals, non-living things can also get spoiled due to cold. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that we keep our smartphone as well as our smartphone safe from the cold. Because, due to excessive cold, many problems can also come in mobile phones.

Effect of cold on smartphone
Just as different parts of our body start experiencing different problems due to extreme cold, similarly, different effects of cold are seen on smartphones too.

Experts say that at the time of very cold, the most effect is visible on the battery of the smartphone. Mobile phones are made of lithium-ion battery and when the temperature drops, the capacity of the battery starts decreasing. The effect of cold is also seen on the screen of the mobile phone.

Due to fog, there is a risk of moisture getting dew in the speaker of the phone. And moisture damages many parts of the phone including the speaker.

Protect your mobile phone from
cold Do not keep your smartphone directly on the ground during winter. Nowadays, cupboards in homes are made of marble and in winter the marble becomes very cold. Due to this there is a danger of moisture reaching the phone directly. Therefore, keep the phone on a wooden board or any cloth.

Do not use the phone in the open for a long time during extreme cold, fog or dew. When leaving the house, keep the phone in the pocket of a warm jacket. If you keep the phone in a good cover in winter, then the temperature of the phone will be right. Apart from this, you can also keep the phone in a good cover, this will keep its temperature right.

Here are 10 things you can do:
  1. Keep your battery from going to 0% or 100% …
  2. Avoid charging your battery beyond 100% …
  3. Charge slowly if you can. …
  4. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you’re not using them. …
  5. Manage your location services. …
  6. Let your assistant go. …
  7. Don’t close your apps, manage them instead. …
  8. Keep that brightness down.
  9. 9. Make use of smart battery modes
  10. Embrace the dark mode (if you have an OLED screen)
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