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How To Stop Tracking Location On Mobile Apps, Know Simple Steps

New Delhi. These days people use Google Map a lot in the phone. You can easily go anywhere by using the map. Many times it happens that we reach some place which we are not aware of. In such a situation, we take the help of Google and other services for information, but these apps and services track you everywhere, which can also be a threat to your privacy.

Using these apps also consumes more battery. Apart from this, some apps ask for access to your location without any specific purpose. These include apps like movie ticket booking platforms, photo editing software, streaming platforms and social media. If you don’t want companies to track you, you can disable the location tracking device on your phone.

How to stop apps from tracking location
To stop any app from tracking the location, you have to go to the settings of your Android phone, where you have to go to the permissions manager present in the privacy option and select the location. After this you will get the option of Allowed all the time and Allowed only while in use apps. Out of these, you can choose any one option according to your convenience. It is important that here you also have to decide when the app will access your location.

Here you can choose the option of Ask every time and Don’t allow. Selecting Ask every time will ask you for location permissions every time the app is started, while the Don’t allow option will completely turn off location access for the app.

turn off location permissions in iphone
On the other hand, to change the location permission in iPhone, you have to go to Settings and select Privacy option and then by going to Location Services, you can turn off and change location service for apps like Android.

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