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How to share video stickers on Telegram

Sometimes you want to send to your interlocutor in Telegram not only stickers and images, but also something else, more original. Video stickers, which are quite easy to find, will help with this.

To do this, you need to go to the required chat / group. Enter @viavidbot followed by a space. As a result, many videos with different descriptions will be offered. You can click on any and it will go. In addition, through the space, you can add stickers or a word to facilitate the search process.

In addition, you can search in this way not only for videos. There are special Inline bots (allowing you to quickly request the information you need) for searching and sending gifs (@gif), videos from YouTube (@vid), images from Yandex (@pic), images from Bing (@bing), links to material from Wikipedia (@wiki), movie from IMDB (@imdb), etc.

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