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How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile In Minutes

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile: Instagram It has become a way for us to find the best things in our life, talk to each other and share things. Many a time, we keep thinking that who has viewed our Instagram profile and if you want to know who views your Instagram profile, then we have some great tips.
You can find users using your Instagram story or by converting your Instagram account to a business account.

How is that possible? Is there no specific technique or app to find out who viewed my profile? The answer is no, there is no in-built feature for this in Instagram. But still, you can use some methods to see the users who viewed your profile.

This is not an in-built feature but a good way to know who viewed your profile. If you make some changes in your settings, then you can also get an idea of ​​who would have come on your Instagram timeline.

So, if you are ready to see your stalker profile, follow these steps:

Step 1- Open your Instagram account > Hit on the profile photo icon, which appears at the bottom left corner of your new Instagram story.
Step 2- Now you can see the list of all users who have viewed your story, and if some users are not connected with you on Instagram, they have viewed your profile.
Step 3- Another advantage of this is that you can search and block those users with whom you do not want to share your story.
Step 4- For this, click on the menu button available on the right side of the user’s name.

Now select ‘Hide Story’ option > and your Instagram stalkers will be blocked from your story.
Note: You’ll have to use this method over and over again because Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours.

beware of scammers

You can find a lot of third party apps that claim that they can tell who viewed your Instagram profile, but unfortunately, there are hardly any such apps.
Even there are some scammers who can hack money and your account. , So, beware of such predators who may use your account details for any vicious intent, you never know who views your Instagram profile.


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