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How to remove leaked sensitive photos or videos from the Internet, know how

Getting rid of cybercrime seems almost impossible in today’s time. We often get to see reports of MMS leaks of big personalities, but it is not that the victims of this crime are only well-known people, but it happens to common people as well. The latest incident of MMS leak is from Mohali, Punjab, where the controversy is increasing rapidly due to the news of a video leaked allegedly of several girl students of a private university. However, in the investigation so far, many facts have been said to be wrong.

It has often been seen that whenever a photo or video is leaked, they get uploaded to hundreds of websites on the Internet at a rapid pace. It becomes extremely difficult to report them one by one, but there are a few ways in which a person can be successful in getting leaked sensitive photos or videos removed from porn sites or other websites.

get help from the police

If you believe that a highly sensitive photo or video of you has been uploaded to one or more porn sites or other websites, the first thing you should do is seek the help of the police. Along with the central government, the police departments of almost all the states have their own cyber cell teams. As the incidents of cyber crime are increasing, along with it the departments related to it are also improving their technology. If you file your complaint with the police, the police use forensic tools to find its host website, after which it is found on which social media network or website the content is present. The department issues a warning to the website host that that sensitive content should be removed immediately. If the website or platform does not remove the content within the stipulated time, then legal action is taken against it.

Contact the website host yourself

If you believe that your sensitive content is only on select websites, you can request that it be removed yourself. Here you have to contact the host of those websites. The host’s contact information is available on some websites, but some have to be removed by you yourself. Although there are many websites for this, which can make your work easier, but a popular website is, which can provide you website host information. Here you only have to enter the name of the website and the information of its host should come. Most websites follow a copyright policy, due to which your content may be removed immediately upon request. Porn websites also offer report options where you can report photos or videos, making them easy to remove.

Content can also be removed from Google search results

The third option is to remove sensitive content from Google search results. Here also you have to contact the owner of the search platform, i.e. Google. You can visit Google’s Content Removal Form ( Here you will get the information related to the form and some other things.

If your sensitive photo or video has been uploaded to any other website against your will, you can visit this Google form ( and the requested Some important information has to be filled.

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