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How to protect photos on your smartphone from leaking to the Internet

The expert noted that people who store personal data in the internal memory of their devices should be aware that this is unsafe. The fact is that any gadget that has access to the network is a priori not completely protected from data leakage. Myasoedov warned that security vulnerabilities created by viruses of the rogue category are common causes of star content leaks.

Such a virus can live on the phone for months and practically not give itself out, except for a faster battery discharge or overheating. But you can always protect yourself with the anti-virus installed on your phone. “, – the expert shared.

To ensure maximum privacy, Russians were advised to manually disable the sending of a snapshot of photos and videos when creating a backup.

Among other things, the expert advised to disable the formation of metadata in the gadget.

To do this, you need to go to the program settings, as well as to the general settings of the phone and everywhere disable the ability to transfer analytics, which is collected by developers under the pretext of improving the software, which may correspond to reality, but at the same time reduces the privacy of your content ”, – said the specialist.

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