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How to properly warm up a frozen smartphone

So, according to the expert, operating a smartphone in cold weather reduces the service life. The most vulnerable is the battery of the device, since it works on the basis of an electrochemical reaction. So, in cold conditions, the processes inside the battery are slower. At the same time, the percentage of the charge drops rapidly. This problem is solved by reducing power consumption. This can be done, for example, by turning off unused options.

A negative factor for the device is the occurrence of condensation and moisture.

Since we are talking about an electronic device, such external factors can be critical for it, up to and including failure. It is recommended to use special protective silicone covers. Due to its low thermal conductivity, silicone will minimize the temperature difference between the smartphone and the environment, and hence the formation of condensation. “, – the specialist shared.

After returning the smartphone to warm conditions, you cannot immediately put it on charge. So, you need to leave it on for 30 minutes, which will allow it to warm up to room temperature.

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