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How to make your smartphone computer and laptop, know here

One of the most interesting things about a mobile is that you can use it any way you want, and you can even turn it into a full-fledged computer with a single accessory, although you can use it with your keyboard, mouse, and keyboard. Can be completed with other accessories, do you know how it can be done.

If your smartphone has good features. But there are some tasks during which you need a computer, so we have come up with a very easy way for you which will make the new user experience special. If you want to try it, we tell you what to do.

Your mobile can be a real computer

With just one cable, you can turn your mobile into a more functional computer, enjoy the best PC experience and applications you have installed. But it doesn’t work the same way on all brands, so we’re going to tell you how you can do it on the most important ones that allow it.

Make your smartphone computer and laptop, here are easy tips



Manufacturing has Samsung DeX tech, with which you can view the content of your mobile in desktop mode, it looks like a computer. All you have to do is connect the mobile to your Aadhaar, then go into Samsung DeX mode on the screen and access the connection menu. In More Settings, click on HDMI and click on Screen Mirroring.


If you have a Motorola phone, you can connect it to a monitor or screen to use it like a computer. All you have to do is connect the mobile with the cable and this mode will be activated from the window and taskbar just like a computer. You can use it as a touchpad.


It also has its own option, so that it becomes a computer while connecting the mobile to the screen, for this you have to install the APK file. When you will open PC Launcher application its design will be completely changed. It works well on phones with MIUI 12.5 and Android 11, although it should work on some Android 11 models as well. If you have the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, you will already have the PC Mode function.

Huawei has had desktop mode for a while, although on some models you can do it wirelessly with a simple projection. Whereas in LGas in other brands, it works when you connect the phone to a monitor or TV with a cable.


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