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How to make money on the new omicron strain COVID-19

According to Jason Ader, General Director of the American company SpringOwl Asset Management, it is necessary to “play” on the fall in the value of shares in tourism companies. He called the recession a temporary phenomenon.

Ader believes that subsequently the securities will rise in price anyway, which means that the investors who bought them at a minimum will be able to earn. The specialist said that something similar happened at the end of 2020, when it became known about the discovery of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Recall that on November 26, amid news of the emergence of a new strain of COVID-19, markets around the world sank. So, the S&P 500 in just a few minutes from the start of trading fell by 1.6%, the Dow Jones – by 2.2%, and the Nasdaq – by 1.2%.

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