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How to know whether your iPhone is original or duplicate, know in detail

Buying an iPhone is a dream of almost everyone. But its price is very high, due to which this dream of many people remains incomplete. But many times there are many shops and online websites that sell Fake iPhone at a low price, about which we do not know at all whether the iPhone is Fake or Original. So today we will share some tips for this, with the help of which you will be able to easily see whether the iPhone that you have bought is original or duplicate, so let’s look at this in detail.

How to know if your iPhone is Original or Duplicate

We have shared very simple tips, with the help of which you will be able to find out yourself in a few minutes whether your iPhone is original or it is duplicate or fake.

Check IMEI Number

Whenever you buy an iPhone and open its box, first of all check the IMEI number of that iPhone on top of it.

after that you and enter the IMEI number there. After this all the details of that phone will be available.

If the iPhone is Fake or Duplicate, then nothing details will be visible here.

Also check about section in the phone

Apart from this, after going to About in the settings of the mobile, you can also check its version. If the Android version will come here then the phone is fake.

You will know even after signing in

On the other hand, when you try to sign in to the iPhone and here Google or any other account is asking for it, your iPhone is still fake. Because the iPhone interface always asks for Apple ID for signing in.

Thus, when you buy a new iPhone and get the product, then you should check it by these mentioned methods because if it is fake then you will suffer a huge loss. And you must share this post with your friends too, so that if they also buy an iPhone, then they can also take care of this and avoid fraud.

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