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How to Keep your smartphone safe and secure

Nowadays it is very common for people to have a smartphone. And even then, why not it fulfills many needs of the people. Whether it is to update the status on social sites or to use the various online services available, the smartphone fulfills all these needs of us. That’s why knowledgeable people have named it “smart” phone.

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Well, as the world is becoming more modern, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep a smartphone secure. Hacking, virus attacks and loss of data in the wrong hands are all very common threats. But as has been said, where there is evil, there are ways of dealing with it. The same thing applies for smartphones. Through this article, we are going to tell you some such tips and methods, so that your smartphone will be safe and secure.
#1 The lock screen is a gateway to access the data or applications inside the smartphone. If you don’t have a lock screen password set on your phone, be careful. Not setting a lock screen password can lead to misuse of your data in case your smartphone is lost or stolen. So always use lock screen password in your smartphone. Password should never be your date of birth or any simple information. Use Symbolic, Numeric combination in this.
#2 Hackers can enter your smartphone in many ways. Bluetooth, location service, Wi-Fi and cellular data can also be an invitation for hackers. Therefore, you have to change the habit of leaving Bluetooth or other settings open unnecessarily. Don’t forget to turn off these services/functions after using them. Also, do not accept any kind of invitation from any unknown Bluetooth partner.
#3 Being too desperate to find an available Wi-Fi connection in a public place can also put you at risk. The risk of hacking increases when a WiFi connection is used. Especially if you do your financial transactions on such WiFi. Use this type of WiFi connection only for downloading videos and music. And keep your smartphone and transactions secure.
#4 Downloading apps without knowing much about them and reading just one line about them can get you in trouble. So always download apps from trusted platforms/stores. Because, sometimes some tricks are also hidden in such apps, due to which your personal data can be stolen. Therefore, before downloading the app, its rating, developer company details and reviews must be read. This will protect your smartphone.
#5 In the era of increasing virus attack, anti-virus must be in the smartphone. This protects the phone from virus or malware attack during net surfing and sharing. Not only this, always check that the antivirus is up-to-date. If the update is not there, update it immediately and keep scanning your smartphone with external memory card from time to time. With this, unnecessary things will not accumulate in your phone and if there is a virus, they can be found and deleted immediately. So what is the delay, by adopting these tips, give 100% protection of your phone.
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