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How to keep your smartphone from overheating on sunny days, these tips and tricks are effective

New Delhi : Summer season is back again. The temperature in the National Capital Region is touching 42 degrees. Everyone is troubled by the heat. One thing to note here is that your body is not the only thing that is overheating. The rising temperature is also disturbing your lifeline i.e. your smartphone. Well, you can cool off by taking a dip in the swimming pool or having ice cream, but your smartphone can’t do that. Here are some tips and tricks that will help keep your smartphone from overheating this summer.

Just like it is important for you to avoid the sun, the same thing applies to your smartphone. One of the best ways to prevent your smartphone from overheating is to keep it away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. If you are inside your house, avoid keeping your smartphone near a window. If you are outside, keep your smartphone inside the bag so that it is away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid keeping your phone in your car or any other place that can act as a greenhouse.

reduce brightness
Adjust the settings of your phone in such a way that the brightness of the smartphone is minimum. If your smartphone has Adaptive Brightness, turn that feature off. Its math is simple. If your screen brightness is low, then the amount of battery consumed is low i.e. heating is low.

keep yourself away
During the summer, the heat of your body can cause the smartphone to heat up. The best way to keep your phone from overheating with your body heat is to keep it inside a bag instead of in your pocket. Also, avoid gaming and editing videos and photos until you reach a cool place.

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close the app
When you use more than one app, your smartphone works overtime, especially on graphics heavy apps. It is better to close the apps that you are not using. With this, your phone will also be saved from heating up with less battery consumption.


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