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How to keep your smartphone from overheating in the summer season, otherwise it may explode

The summer season has started and now smartphones also become very hot. You must have also seen that when we use or charge the phone, then the mobile phone becomes very hot. For this, today we have brought some tips for you, with the help of which you can save your phone in summer, otherwise your smartphone may explode. So let’s know in detail.

How to keep your smartphone from overheating in the summer season

Do not use third party charging

If you also use any other or third party charger to charge your smartphone, then in summer it can become a problem for you. Therefore, it would be better if you do not use any other company’s charger in the summer season.

Do not charge if the phone gets hot

If you use the phone for a long time and when it is discharged then you will want to charge it but if the smartphone is very hot then you should not charge for some time otherwise it may explode with it.

Keep mobile away from strong sunlight

If you are talking to someone on the phone on the road while walking, then try not to let the sun’s rays fall directly on your mobile phone. Mobile phones heat up faster in sunlight and the risk of them getting exploded increases.

Do not talk on mobile with charging

It has been seen many times that people keep talking by putting the phone in charging which can be a dangerous thing. The mobile is in direct contact with electricity while charging and has become very hot. At the same time, talking on the phone increases the risk of explosion, so talking while charging should be avoided.

Don’t keep unnecessary apps

If you keep a lot of such apps in your smartphone which you use very less then you should remove them because your mobile phone gets very hot due to useless apps.

Remove the phone cover when it gets too hot

If your mobile phone has become very hot in the summer, then remove its cover immediately. And let it cool down.


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