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How to Hide Chats Permanently in WhatsApp

To hide any of your chats in WhatsApp, you can archive it and keep it hidden forever. Even if new messages come in it, it will remain hidden. Many times such chats are kept in the mailbox of WhatsApp which are of no use to us. Through this feature of WhatsApp, you can keep such chats hidden as long as you want. Archive folder keeps such chat person or group chat by ignoring and there is no need to block them.

Until recently, a new message used to come in the chat hidden in the archive folder, it used to appear again. That is, it used to come out of the archive folder. In July, WhatsApp rolled out the new Archived Chats settings. After its implementation, even if a new message comes in the chat kept in the archive folder, it remains hidden. This means that unless the user himself wants to remove that archived chat from the folder, it will remain hidden.

How to permanently hide chats on WhatsApp

The new archive settings allow users to archive less important conversations by hiding them in the main chat list. You don’t get notified of new messages until you’ve been mentioned or replied to. Both personal and group chats can be archived, and can be accessed at any time in the Archived section. To hide a chat, follow the simple steps below:

Open WhatsApp, select the chat you want to archive. This can be a personal or group chat.
In the top you will see three options- Pin, Mute And Archive
Archive Arrow sign will be visible at the bottom of the option. Click on this button.
You will now see the Archived section at the top of your chat feed. By going to this section, you can see the hidden chats at any time. Users can also unarchive it again. For this select that chat and Unarchive Click on option. (In this option there is an upward arrow)
If you want to archive all chats then go to Chats tab. over here More > Settings Tap on After that Chats > Chat History > Archive all chats Tap on

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