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How to get rid of unnecessary WhatsApp messages in minutes, this is the way


Apart from professional and personal messages, some unwanted messages also come on WhatsApp.
It is very easy to hide those unwanted messages on this messaging app.
To hide the notification, you have to follow some steps for this.

New Delhi. The current era is of internet data and smartphones. If you have an Android smartphone in your hand, then there is no question that it does not have the messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp is such an app, which has become so popular in all countries including India that it keeps ringing continuously throughout the day with notifications of personal and professional messages, but there are many such messages which bother you.

However, those messages are from people whom you cannot block even if you want to and if there is a chat group of friends, then you cannot forcefully leave it. In such a situation, there are some such measures, which can easily avoid you without leaving the group or blocking someone’s number. The biggest thing is that only you will be aware of this intention of yours. Let us know how you can mute the notification of such messages…

First of all open WhatsApp on your smartphone. In this, mute the contact in the desired way.
– Long press on the muted chat. By doing this, the Mute Notifications option will appear, which is near the delete option. Click on this.
Here you will get three options 8 Hours, 1 Week and Always. Here you select Always.
If you want to do the chat for some time, then you can also select the option of 8 hours and 1 week. In this case, the related chat will remain mute for a certain period of time.

Benefits of muting
The first advantage of doing this is that you will get rid of unnecessary notifications of the day. Even those messages will not appear in the status bar. You will see those chats only when you want, you will continue to get notifications when messages from other important contacts come.

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