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How to get rid of smartphone slowdown

It is noted that after a certain time after purchasing a smartphone, it may start to slow down. And clearing the device memory can help the user get rid of this.

Nazarenko said that a smartphone can have three types of memory: operational, internal and external. The first will unload all open programs, as well as the operating system itself. Its peculiarity is the impossibility of uninstalling programs and OS, since this will entail a failure in the operation of the device.

There is only one method of fighting for freedom in RAM: simultaneously launch only those applications that are really needed at that moment, and with some frequency reboot or turn off the smartphone for a while to clear the RAM ”, – said the expert.

As for the internal memory, it is usually crammed with OS updates and heavy data from various applications, for example instant messengers. It can only be cleared by owning certain skills.

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