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How to get money back for an online course: a lawyer tells

  1. If you have started the course… Two options are possible here. The first is if you decide to abandon the course because of the quality of the service, the second is if for another reason.

When there are no questions about the quality of training, several options are also possible. If you got access to the entire course at once, then the performer has the right not to return the money to you. In the event that only a part of the materials was opened, the contractor will be obliged to return the funds for everything, except for the materials that have already been provided to you.

If you do not like the quality of the service, then you can demand either to reduce the cost of the course, or to eliminate the existing shortcomings. If the contractor does not do it on time or if serious shortcomings of the performed service are found, then it will be possible to refuse training and ask to return all the funds.

In addition, the author adds, in order to try to get the money back for the course, you must first apply to the performer. In this appeal, it should be noted that you want to cancel the course, provide information about the payment and ask for a refund. You also need to refer to the clauses of the offer and the law.

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Also, before sending an appeal, you need to save the most important facts: an offer from the site, information about the course program, correspondence with the performer, etc. It is better not to communicate with the performer by phone, but ask him to send a response in writing. This will help in the future if you have to solve the problem through the courts.



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