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How to Fix Cold Boot Search Bug in Destiny 2?

The Cold Boot’s quest in Destiny 2 is featured in the new Light series of missions. This is what happens when you create a new character in Destiny 2, even if you have a guardian to start the game every time. The new light system is a way to introduce Destiny 2 to new players, rather than having to start over at the beginning. One of those missions, however, is a common problem with cold boot. This guide explains the cold boot search bug and how to fix it in Destiny 2.

What is the cold boot discovery bug?

The Cold Boot quest bug occurs near the start of the mission, with Shaw working with Han, one of the first Guardians you’ll encounter. You’ll be on your way to the array, fighting through the hive. When you reach the array, the waypoint will take you to a specific room. Usually, when you reach the door, it closes automatically and continues the mission. However, if you have a bug, you can go through the door, and the quest marker sends you back to the previous room. Unfortunately this is an endless loop.

What to do about the cold boot search bug in Destiny 2?

The best way to avoid this bug is to never start the mission again. Instead, you have to make your way towards the entrance of the facility and go to the place where you see a huge wall of energy emanating from the wall. Stand close to it until your ghost remarks about the energy, and then you can go further back to the waypoint location.

When you reach the door, it should be locked, and the mission should proceed as normal. It’s all too easy to miss this door when you’re walking through the facility, tripping the game. However, the rest of the cold boot quest should be smooth sailing for you.

How to Fix Cold Boot Search Bug in Destiny 2?


Destiny 2 wasn’t always a free-to-play product. During the initial release, parents had to pay to play almost every content the game offered. However, after 2019, Bungie split from Activision Blizzard and took the free-to-play route.

While most of the content is still locked behind a paywall, parents no longer have to pay to experience Destiny 2. The free-to-play content of the game is enough to give everyone a fair experience about what the game has to offer. Apart from this, the 30th Anniversary Pack has also been made free after the game became available on the Epic Games Store.

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