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How to eat less and lose weight faster

According to the doctor, one of the enemies of weight loss is finding junk food in the apartment. Mosley noted that willpower is an overvalued thing, and therefore, knowing that there is something harmful at home, a person is more likely to eat it. The specialist also believes that the most dangerous moment for those who want to lose weight is the evening after work. This is when people often want to relax while watching a TV series or movie.

If you sit in front of the TV with a package of ice cream or a packet of cookies lying nearby, you will most likely eat them without even noticing. We are especially prone to mindless eating when we are in front of a screen. “, – said the nutritionist.

In this regard, he advised not to buy junk food, avoiding the temptation to eat it. Among other things, he also recommended getting smaller plates, which will trick the brain – the portions of food in them will seem larger, so the person is less likely to want supplements.

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