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How to download Twitter videos on your phone or computer, know the very easy way


To download video from Twitter, you have to take some extra steps.
You can download videos from Twitter through third party apps.
After the video is downloaded, it will be saved in your device.

New Delhi. Twitter used to be a website where you could post your thoughts or questions in 140 characters, but over the past decade it has become a hub for sharing pictures, videos and audio clips. With Twitter, users can easily save photos from a post with just a few taps. Although, the video cannot be saved so easily, but it does not mean that the video cannot be downloaded from Twitter.

Downloading videos from Twitter requires a few extra steps and usually involves a third-party app. You can easily download Twitter videos and save them on your device through a third party app, so let us now tell you how to download any Twitter video as MP4 file on computer or phone.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Mac or PC
1- To download Twitter video on Mac or PC, first find the tweet containing the video you want to download.
2- Now click on that tweet so that its specific page opens. For this, you can also click on the date attached to the tweet.
3- Copy the URL given in your search bar to your clipboard.
4- Now go to
5- Paste the URL here in the text box.
6- After that click on the download button.
7- After this choose a download size.
8-Your downloaded video will load on a new page.
9- To save it on your computer, right-click.
10- After this choose the option of video save from the menu.

How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone or iPad?
1- To download Twitter videos from your iPhone or iPad, go to the Apple App Store.
2-Now download the Apple Shortcuts app. Now go to the Settings app and scroll down.
After that tap on the shortcut setting option.
5- To allow Untrusted Shortcuts, toggle the switch to Allow.
6- After this open the video link on Twitter video downloader shortcut on your device.
7- Now tap on Get Shortcut to start downloading. Here you will see a new window labeled Add Shortcut.
8- After this open Twitter and find the tweet which contains the video you want to download.
9- Now tap the share icon in the bottom-right corner.
10- Share Tweet Here Below the menu you will see a list of icons. Tap the Share via button here.
11- When the new menu appears, scroll to the bottom of the list of actions and tap on Twitter Video Downloader V2.6. The video will now be saved to your camera roll.

how to download twitter videos on android
1- First of all open Google Play Store and download Twitter Video App.
2- Now search the tweet containing the video you want to download.
3- Then tap on the Share button at the bottom right.
4- After this tap on Share Via option.
5- Now go to the menu and select the icon of the new app.
5- Make sure that you have selected the option of Download Twitter Videos.
6- Now select the quality of the video here.
7- Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more the size of the video will be.
8- Let’s select the size, the video will start downloading.


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