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How to do live streaming on social media sites and what software to use


Live streaming can be done on any social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
Live streams are an effective way to reach your followers. This increases fan-following.
With the help of some software on social media website, you can live stream.

New Delhi. Live streaming is a feature that lets creators connect with their followers in real time. Live streaming is very easy. With the help of a smartphone or laptop, you can live stream and connect with people in real time. Nowadays media houses, startups, businessmen and gamers also live stream.

You can easily live stream with the help of online tools and software. There are many tools available for live streaming these days. Let us know how you can live stream on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

How to live stream on social media website in computer?
1. First of all download and install Open Broadcast Software (OBS) in the system from Please note that there are different options available for different operating systems.
2. After installing OBS, make basic settings in it. That is, on which website to go live. What to stream? Decide all this. Give authorization of social site.
3. After this you will be able to live stream the gameplay or anything else easily.
4. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is considered to be the best software to stream live in computer. Apart from this, you can use software like Wirecast, V Mix, Vid Blast X, X Palit Broadcaster.
5- The interface of all these softwares is very good and they will be easily learned.

Which app to stream live on mobile?
There are many apps available to stream live in mobile. But, not everyone’s interface is good. In such a situation, many types of difficulties can be faced. However, Stream Now, Broadcast Me, Twitch TV, Stream Go, Nano Stream and Wirecast Go are the apps that allow you to do live streaming with ease.

how to live stream youtube in mobile
1. Open YouTube app in mobile.
2. A plus (+) sign will be visible at the bottom of the app.
3. Click on the plus sign. After this three options will appear.
4. The option at the bottom is to select ‘Go Live’. After this the live stream will start.

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