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How to Distinguish SARS Symptoms from COVID-19 Signs

If we talk about the differences between diseases such as ARVI and coronavirus, then there are several of them. So, with COVID-19, a temperature is observed, and symptoms occur that occur with poisoning: vomiting, nausea, migraine, weakness, pain in muscles and joints. Also, the listed signs can occur separately.

In addition, when infected with covid on the fifth or seventh day, many have a temperature higher than 38 degrees, chills occur. This can lead to pneumonia. At the same time, in the case of ARVI, on the fifth day, the symptoms of the disease become less pronounced.

Finally, a cough. With ARVI, it quickly turns into wet, as a result, sputum is easily excreted from the respiratory system. But with coronavirus, it is dry, exhausting, unproductive. Another fairly common symptom of COVID-19 is diarrhea (according to Rospotrebnadzor, it occurs in 30-50% of cases).

It is important that influenza or ARVI can be “superimposed” on covid. Then, as noted by British scientists, a person will face more severe consequences of these diseases, including encephalitis (that is, inflammation of the brain tissue).

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