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How to detect a bug using a smartphone No more built-in sensors and apps

Igor Bederov, head of the information and analytical research department at T.Hunter, told how using a regular smartphone you can detect hidden bugs or cameras in a room.

According to Bederov, many different sensors are installed in modern smartphones. With their help, you can “probe” the wiring in the cavity of the walls or furniture. Also, magnetic sensors and infrared sensors can detect bugs or hidden cameras.

The expert noted that for such a check, one does not need to have special knowledge and skills, it is enough to download the necessary application. In addition, such a check is carried out in the premises before political and business meetings.

“They allow you to find wiring inside the cavities of walls or furniture, as well as visually detect the characteristic shine of the lens of a hidden video camera. In addition, our smartphones have a whole bunch of different antennas for network analysis. This allows us to conduct a study of local and Wi-Fi networks in order to identify connected surveillance cameras in their composition, ”said Bederov.

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