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How to delete MMS or video from offending website if leaked?, learn simple trick

New Delhi: There has been an uproar after an offensive video of some female students of Chandigarh University was leaked. It is being alleged that a girl in the hostel made a video of another student taking a bath and then went viral. But, according to the police, the girl has only leaked the video of herself. A three-member SIT has been constituted to investigate the matter. So now the question is, if any video is leaked and uploaded on an offending website, are there any tips on how to delete that video from that place? So here are some simple tips for this. You can follow these tips to delete video or photo uploaded from offending website as well as social media website. The best option is given for this. An easy option is to go to the local police station and report it.

File a complaint with the website’s Honor
You can contact the website owner and ask them to delete the video. In fact, most of the websites follow this copyright policy. For this they delete this type of post immediately. If you are unable to contact the website owner then there are other best options for you. find out

Honor’s contact removal trick
You have to go to a third party for this. For this you can get help from the website After entering the domain name of any website, it gets the details related to it. From here you can contact the site owner. Also can ask him to delete that video. Deleting videos from offending sites is very easy. For this, there is an option to report below the video. It allows you to delete the video by stating the reason for deleting the video.

How to Remove from Google Search Results
It’s easy to remove any offending photos or videos from Google search results. You can contact Google. For this you need to go to site.

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