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How to Create Multiple UPI IDs on Google Pay, Know Step by Step Complete Method


Users can create up to four UPI IDs from their bank accounts on Google Pay
Online transactions can be done easily with the help of UPI ID.
Users can delete these IDs at any time.

New Delhi. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has played an important role in promoting digital payment transactions in India. Sometimes digital wallets help us to make quick and hassle free payments. Sometimes a busy server can cause a payment to get stuck. In such a situation, UPI ID is helpful for us. That’s why you can use multiple UPI IDs at the same time.

Let us tell you that on Google Pay, users can have up to four UPI IDs from their bank accounts and multiple UPI IDs associated with the same bank. Having additional UPI IDs with different banks in Google Pay allows for seamless transactions. Apart from this, different methods are available for Google Pay fast and hassle free payment.

how does it work
If no UPI ID is available, the app will select an alternate route for your payment. Along with this, UPI ID also ensures that payments are made securely without any delay or failure. Users can remove these IDs at any time as per their wish.

How to add UPI ID in Google Pay
To add a UPI ID to Google Pay, first open the Google Pay app on your Android or iOS device. Now Sign In / Log in to the app. Then in the top right corner of the screen, click on the photo. Now choose payment methods. Here select the bank account that you want to add for the new UPI ID.

Here select the option ‘Manage UPI ID’ from the drop-down option. Now tap on ‘+’ symbol to generate new UPI ID. Here in the option ‘Choose an account to pay with’ select the UPI ID used to make the payment.

Notably, when you select ‘Add Now’, Google Pay will send an SMS to generate an additional UPI ID on your behalf. Standard SMS charges will be applicable on this.

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